Stands & Chairs

  • FS-1, Floor stand

    FS-1, Floor stand

    The FS-1 floor stand consists of a versatile column and a stable baseplate, providing an economical solution suitable for the examination room as an alternative refraction lane.
  • IS-1


    IS-1 is a work station for optical shops or clinics. The basic unit supports 2 instruments on a rotatable sliding table top which can be elevated as well.
  • IS-1D


    The IS-1D is a unit with a rotatable table top for 3 instruments. The IS-1D Delta unit offers a wide array of variations.
  • IS-1P


    The IS-1P is an ophthalmic unit with a linear sliding table top for 2 instruments
  • IS-600III, Instrument stand

    IS-600III, Instrument stand

    The IS-600III is an instrument stand for two instruments with an elevating table top.
  • IS-600N


    The IS-600N is the basic, economical instrument stand for 2 instruments.