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3D OCT-2000 FA plus, Optical coherence tomography

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The Topcon 3D OCT-2000 FA plus is the ultimate all-in-one OCT for OCT, Colour, FA , FAF and red-free images. Read more>

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The Topcon 3D OCT-2000 FA plus is the ultimate all-in-one OCT for OCT, FA images, FAF images, colour fundus images and red-free images. All these images can be generated from a single device.
Topcon's 3D imaging and analysis functions provide invaluable pathological confirmation of progression. With the addition of noise reducing algorithms and Infra red/3D tracking technology, the 3D OCT-2000 FA plus provides you with extremely detailed OCT images. Single scans, but also 3D and 2D OCT images.

OCT images
The enhanced 50.000 A-scans/sec allows for faster tomography acquisition and minimises artifacts generated by eye movements, producing clear cross-sectional retinal images. The new analysis mode reduces processing time. Topcon's "Enhanced Choroidal Mode" visualises further internal structures, allowing much superior visualisation of the RPE and choroidal area.

Fundus Images
Unique to the Topcon OCT-2000 FA plus is its integrated retinal photography function for colour, red-red free, FA and FAF images. An interchangeable 16.2mp digital camera acquires highly detailed images using a sub one millisecond flash at the point of OCT capture or stand alone fundus photography if required.

One of many modules within Topcon's Fastmap software; The Glaucoma module allows fully automated disc topography, normative database comparison and total progression analysis (trend analysis) through various screening options. Complemented by Ganglion cell analysis and anterior chamber angle measurements the glaucoma module is a comprehensive screening tool.

Anterior segment scanning
By combining both OCT scan technology with traditional photographic imaging a variety of analysis functions and scan protocols allow for the detection and treatment of many corneal conditions. Full corneal thickness topography and automated central thickness values are complemented by corneal curvature topography along with high resolution imaging



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