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DRI OCT-1, Atlantis swept source OCT

Short description

The DRI OCT-1 is meant for Deep Range Imaging for research purposes. It's the world's fastest scanning OCT with a speed of 100.000 A-scans/sec. Utilizing a wavelength of 1,050nm, the DRI OCT-1 can penetrate deeper, visualizing ocular tissues such as choroid or even sclera within an incredibly short time.
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Key Features

  • 1,050 nm wavelength: provides deep range imaging
  • 100,000 A-scans/sec.: unsurpassed scanning speed
  • Invisible scan lines: reduces patient eye motion, enhanced scan rate and workflow
  • 12 mm Wide scan: perfect overview capture

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Deep Range Imaging OCT 

 Swept source OCT

Topcon has developed DRI OCT-1, aswept source OCT for posterior imaging, utilizing a wavelength of 1,050 nm. It has a fast scanning speed of 100,000 A-scans/sec. Utilizing this 1,050 nm wavelength, DRI OCT-1 can penetrate deeper compared to the current conventional OCT’s with wavelength in the 850 nm range. Visualizing ocular tissues such as choroid or even sclera, can be done within a very short time.

 1,050 nm – Deep range imaging DRI OCT-1 displays detail structures of not only retina but choroid and even sclera. With the capability of imaging deeper anatomic structures with less influence in scattering, DRI OCT-1 can visualize the entire tomogram with high sensitivity. 

Invisible scan lines

An invisible scanning line due to the 1,050 nm wavelength contributes to reduced patient eye motion, enhancing successful scanning and fast examination workflow. 

Imaging function

Easy capture: by registering patients, selecting capture icons, capture and analysis. 12 mmWide Scan: increased scan coverage of the macula area to disc, afforded by the12 mmwide scan, may be useful for the evaluation of abnormalities observed in a broaderarea. An instant single shot of the12 mmwide area will reduce patient fatigue and enhance examination workflow. Indulge yourself with what you can see now. Visualization of the lamina cribrosa: DRI OCT-1 can even offer a possibility of opening up new frontiers.

 Analysis feature

» 7 Layers segmentation

» 7 Layers thickness map

» Caliper function

» Import function

» 3D volume rendering

» Follow up examination & comparison function



  • Topcon_DRI_OCT-1_abstracts_aug_2012.pdf

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  • Topcon_Supplement_Retina_Today__nov_dec-2012.pdf

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  • Topcon_case_study_Swept_source_Ophthalmology_times_Europe.pdf

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  • Macular_Choroidal_Thickness_Profile_in_a_Healthy_Population_by_Swept_Source_OCT.pdf

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