i-Clarity webinar - Contact Lenses and Contact Lens Management

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Contact Lens Details

  • The ‘standard’ i-Clarity contact lens product catalogue
  • Checking contact lens availability (opticsdata.com)
  • Updating contact lens details from the BML website
    • Brands
    • Products
    • Validation details.
    • Adding additional ‘products’ i.e. different pack sizes, trials, lenses on schemes.
    • Adding your own brands


Entering Trials

  • Recording trials
  • Selecting lenses, entering parameters, additional values e.g. colour, design, material
  • Ordering trials, recording collections, recording outcomes
  • Converting trials to CL prescriptions
  • Supplying contact lenses – pay as you go vs regular supply


Contact Lens Management

  • Ordering contact lenses
  • Setting patients up on regular supply schemes
  • Setting up and maintaining SO/DD mandates
  • Ordering contact lenses for patients; identifying patients whose prescriptions have expired
  • Contacting CL patients to collect lenses
  • Recording collections and checking next ordering/supply dates
  • Contact lens reports and accounts integration


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