i-Clarity webinar - Ophthalmic Lenses & Dispensing

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Maintaining Lenses

  • Standard Product record fields:
    • Product Codes (NB Essilor anomaly)
    • Description
    • Analysis Types and price lookup
    • Lens Specific Fields
      • Long Description
      • Lens Type
      • Lens Categories
      • Waiting Days
      • Assigning Supplier Logos
      • Lens Attributes (material, design, whether photochromic or not etc.)
      • Default Lens attributes
      • Lens Validation
        • Power ranges – min sphere to maximum combined sphere and max cyl
        • Add ranges
        • Blank sizes vs no blank sizes
        • Using i-Clarity to distinguish between stock and surfaced lenses
        • Duplicating Lenses
          • E.g. similar lenses with different attributes, e.g. photochromic grey and photochromic brown
          • Bulk Imports/Updates
            • The Summary Lens Spreadsheet
            • Using the Bulk Price Update spreadsheet


Dispensing Lenses

  • Selecting the lens type: readers, int readers, distance, trifocal, varifocal, occupational
  • Using Default attributes
  • Increasing the range of available lenses…
  • … Decreasing the range of available lenses
  • Selecting separate lenses in each eye
  • Entering details of lenses not in the catalogue.


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