National OCT Conference 2015 - Business Stream

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The programme for the National OCT Conference includes a series of different levels of lectures by some of the industry's most well known opinion leaders. Each lecture has been accredited for 1 CET points. Read more>


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Title: How OCT works for my business

Speaker: Nicholas Rumney | Forum held by: Dr Trusit Dave and Edward Farrant

Level of user: Any level

Since 2007 OCT has formed an integral part of the business plan at BBR Optometry. This has built on a number of principles dating back over 20 years. First, that optometry is not necessarily limited by the Sight Test as legally defined by the GOC in the Opticians Act as long ago as 1958. Second that the GOS contract is limited in content and scope and does not define optometry. Third that the predisposition of most optical businesses to focus on Sight Testing as a means to the end of a product sale is professionally self –limiting and frankly a disservice to our customers.

OCT provides a diagnostic bedrock that allows optometrists to exercise judgement prior to referral such that referral should only be considered when there is a likelihood of a change in outcome. OCT provides such a boost to confidence in the management of overt ocular disease that this enhances clinical decision making.

This presentation discusses the reasons and the means by which OCT is not only affordable but is also a crucial game changer in differentiating your practice from refractive optometry into that of primary care clinician. Click here to book


Title: OCT - how to enthuse your staff and patients

Speaker: Sarah Morgan

Level of user: Any level

Session description to come. Click here to book