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EZ-200 Advance, Lensmeter

Short description

The EZ-200 Advance automatic lens analyser is a sophisticated and easy-to-use spectacle and lenses measuring system.
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Key Features

  • Fully automatic simultaneous lens analysis
  • Swift measurement for the majority of lens types
  • Automatic lens type detection
  • Large colour display
  • Automatic dust detection


The most sophisticated spectacle and lenses measuring system is also the easiest to use. The Topcon EZ-200 Advance allows the user to do an accurate measurement in only three steps: insert glasses, push the measurement button and obtain measurement results.


The Topcon EZ-200 Advance employs a Hartmann Shack sensor. Through the Hartmann Shack plate, the entire lens area can be scanned at once. Compared to manual alignment with a conventional lens meter, this improved method is faster and more efficient. Automatic sensing over a wider measuring area reduces the chance of missing measurement points and provides repeatable measurements that are not dependent on the operator’s skill.