Intra Ocular Lenses

Intra Ocular Lenses

  • Femtis


    Now available: FEMTIS Intra ocular lens
  • IOL Overview

    Topcon GB Ltd is the sole distributor of the LENTIS range of intra ocular lenses. With over 200,000 Mplus implantations worldwide; peerless to date: The unique multifocal IOL technology of the Mplu...
  • LENTIS Comfort

    LENTIS Comfort

    The latest in refractive surgery, the LENTIS Comfort is the most natural choice for a cataract surgeon. It is based on the tried and tested Mplus technology with satisfaction rate of over 96%. With...
  • LENTIS Mplus toric

    LENTIS Mplus toric

    Simply the best all in one IOL – providing an optimal presbyopic and astigmatic correction.
  • LENTIS Mplus X

    LENTIS Mplus X

    The first non-rotationally symmetric MIOL, resulting in high-contrast sensitivity, minimal halos and glare. Other features include: excellent near, intermediate and far vision.
  • LENTIS Tplus

    LENTIS Tplus

    Toric IOL’s are an increasingly important and reliable tool for the surgeon to treat corneal astigmatism during cataract surgery.
  • Order Your Toric IOL

    Order Your Toric IOL

    Calculate the right Toric IOL for your patient and order it right now
  • What do patients say?

    What do patients say?

    Lens implant surgery can correct both short and long-sightedness, making it ideal for anyone with bifocal or vari-focal specs. Intraocular lenses replace the eye’s natural lens, enhancing its opt...