• CET workshop: Making the most of your OCT

    This interactive workshop will provide an opportunity for delegates with some experience of OCT, to understand how to obtain the best scan from patients with tricky eyes (e.g. high myopia, media op...
  • CET workshop: Slit lamp imaging

    Are you using all the capabilities of your slit lamp for the benefit of your patients? This interactive workshop will provide a head to toe overview of the latest generation slit lamp, reviewing th...
  • TRK-2P, Kerato-refractometer, tono-pachymeter

    TRK-2P, Kerato-refractometer, tono-pachymeter

    The TRK-2P is a unique 4 in 1 instrument. With a single touch of a fingertip on the rotatable control touch panel, not only Refract-Keratometry is measured but also Tono-Pachymetry.