17 - 18 January


Join us at the Virtual Exhibition and see our OCT and Swept Source technologies 


Professor Nicholas Rumney will present a live Webinar on Sunday at 11.30am, the title is "Is refraction about to become a pre-screening test"  (An introduction to Chronos)


Refraction is an integral legal part of a statutory Sight Test. Whilst the Sight Test has expanded into an eye examination and other components such as anterior eye, retinal imaging and visual fields have changed out of all recognition the basics of refraction would be recognisable to an optometrist at the dawn of the 20th century. Certainly, the components of Snellen acuity, objective refraction (by retinoscope) and subjective refraction (by a trial frame or phoropter) are basically unchanged in 100 years. The past twenty years have seen the rise of autorefraction and indeed in some jurisdictions, its use is permitted at the consumer level prior to spectacle supply. However, the fundamental flaw in objective autorefraction is the inability to subjectively modify the result to achieve a comfortable finished Rx to the satisfaction of the prescriber. Chronos is a binocular objective autorefractor with an algorithm-driven tablet controlled subjective modification possible by internal phoropter. Its ultimate place is as yet unknown. Will it be a stand-alone refractor that will lead to a dispensing led break between refraction and the Sight Test or will it free the DO and Optom to integrate their roles more freely enabling them to concentrate on the whole patient. This presentation introduces Chronos, demonstrates its advantages and disadvantages and opens a debate on professional roles. 



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17-01-2021 - 18-01-2021
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