RCO Annual Congress 2020

Stands 13-15 | 18 - 23 May | ICC Birmingham


Topcon's equipment on show will include the following:-

  • 3D OCT Maestro2 -mso-ansi-language: EN-GB; mso-fareast-language: EN-US; mso-bidi-language: AR-SA;"> World-class Robotic OCT now featuring Angiography. High Resolution OCT Image; True Colour Fundus Image; NEW Follow-Up Scan; NEW Glaucoma Hood Report and NEW OCT Angiography (optional extra).

  • DRI OCT Triton – a Swept Source OCT with Angiography penetrating through opacities such as lenticular, vitreous and haemorrhage. Wide field Anterior OCT and white to white angle capture with 1050nm wavelength allows scleral penetration to image peripheral tears.
  • Pascal® Synthesis™ Pattern Scanning Laser - industry standard in pattern scan laser technology. With its unmatched control, non-damaging laser treatment and integrated Endpoint Management™ (EpM) technology, the PASCAL Synthesis offers precision and consistency for all spot sizes and patterns with a unique 4-fiber beam delivery. Furthermore, it can treat both retinal and glaucoma disorders.
  • ALADDIN III - Optical biometry & topography system. Incorporates full corneal topography and wavefront analysis of the cornea and addresses the limitations of conventional biometers.
  • Eye-Light® - Combined OPE/IPL and LM using LLLT (Low Level Light Therapy). It simultaneously treats the lower and upper eye lids with direct and indirect applications. It is a non-invasive treatment, which does not even require the application of gel during the treatment process
  • Harmony - Next generation browser-based software application interconnecting limitless diagnostic devices from multiple manufacturers across all sites both inside and outside the NHS.
    Effortlessly and simultaneously view patients’ examination history all in the same viewer. Connect patients to clinicians using telemedicine, whilst complying with GDPR and security standards.
  • ACUNEX® intraocular lenses are made from a new hybrid material with a high refractive index of 1.54 for flexible handling and a high surface quality. With a water ratio of around 4%, this is the first hydrophobic IOL to have been certified by the USA’s FDA as a glistening-free intraocular lens.

In addition to visiting our stand there is a programme of sessions to attend at the conference.

A brand new programme

This year’s programme is packed with new and improved sessions covering topics across ophthalmology’s subspecialty areas and non-clinical practices.

For the first time there are industry leading surgical skills courses, with a range of hands-on practical sessions using the latest model eyes and microscopes, for ophthalmologist at all levels.

Discover the research and findings conducted by ophthalmologists across the globe with interactive sessions from the researchers and clinicians behind abstract submissions.

View the full programme here on the RCO Event website

What you can expect

  • An unparalleled opportunity to network with likeminded clinicians from the global eye health community
  • Improve and learn new skills in our range of practical skills sessions
  • Stay up to date on the latest clinical practice with sessions from leading speakers
  • Hear from the researchers and clinicians developing tomorrow’s solutions for ophthalmic care
  • Discover the College’s work to improve and maintain standards in eye health and support ophthalmologists around the world
  • Meet industry in one exhibition
  • Earn CPD points for attending the conference




The Royal College of Ophthalmologists champions excellence in the practice of ophthalmology. The are the professional membership body for medically qualified ophthalmologists and for those who are undergoing specialist training to become ophthalmologists.

The College acts as the voice of the profession, we set the curriculum and examinations for trainee ophthalmologists, provide training in eye surgery, maintain standards in the practice of ophthalmology, and promote research and advance science in the specialty.

Click here to visit their website and find out more about the Royal College of Opthalmologists, its history and its strategy and more.

18-05-2020 - 23-05-2020
ICC, Birmingham