Eyecare 2019

Eyecare 2019

20th and 21st January 2019, Hilton Conference Centre Glasgow


With up to 36 interactive CET points achievable over 2 days covering every competency and peer review, it's possible to satisfy your entire CET requirement in one visit. With no less than six parallel streams of lectures and workshops on everything from Therapeutics to Fashion, there's something for everyone at Eyecare.

Whether you're a regular visitor or a first timer, you'll find there's just something in the air at Eyecare. The friendly atmosphere means you're bound to meet old friends and make new ones. And you can let your hair down and dance the night away at the Eyecare reception on Sunday night.

Leaders in 3D OCT, Topcon were the first to introduce Swept Source OCT, bringing unrivalled detail and clarity with each scan; giving even more confidence to the professional in their accurate diagnosis. Delegates will have the chance to view this latest OCT technology first hand, along with many other innovative products during the conference.

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As Silver Sponsors at Eyecare Topcon have a regular spotlight in the conference education programme and this year is no exception.

Topcon University Discussion Workshops are as follows:

Day & Time: Sunday 11.45 - 12.45 and Sunday 14.45 - 15.45

Title: Introduction to OCT Interpretation

Speakers: Nicola Bennett, Rebecca Stoner

Abstract: This interactive workshop will provide an opportunity for delegates to understand how the growing use of OCT in primary eye care can help refine referrals and improve patient care. A presentation will cover the basics of OCT retinal interpretation, looking at both normal and abnormal eyes. Delegates will then have the opportunity to discuss OCT scans, identify the retinal layers and interpret images of common abnormal conditions with feedback from the facilitator to enhance learning. Patient management for a selection of cases will be discussed in the context of the additional information provided by OCT scans.

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Day & Time: Monday 11.45 - 12.45 and Monday 14.45 - 15.45

Title: New Advances In OCT with Swept Source and Angio

Speakers: Nick Rumney, Rebecca Stoner

Abstract: Swept Source OCT utilising long wavelength light has been shown to improve visualisation of the vitreous structures and the choroid, along with the ability to scan through cataracts and haemorrhages, but also enables clearer visualisation of retinal layers. This interactive discussion workshop will provide an insight into Swept Source OCT and allow greater understanding of the differences between spectral domain and Swept Source OCT technology.
Delegates will understand how tissue penetration varies with light source wavelength and appreciate how this can aid diagnosis, using real life cases to highlight. A brief introduction to OCT-Angiography will highlight the capability and future of OCT imaging.


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20-01-2019 - 21-01-2019
Hilton Conference Centre, Glasgow