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Topcon and Spectrum Thea introduce AMD Project Days

The first of the AMD Projects took place on Wednesday 20th June at the Aztec Hotel and Spa, Bristol. This is a jointly sponsored meeting by Topcon and Spectrum Thea. The one day course consists of a combination of interactive lectures, workshops and peer discussion to help answer questions and discuss other aspects of AMD to help practitioners develop and run a successful AMD clinic. MPS II Macular pigment screeners were supplied by Topcon and allowed for first-hand experience to demonstrate the measurability of macular pigment. Spectrum Thea represented their range of ‘Nutrof’ supplements.

Mr Mike Potts, Consultant Ophthalmologist, gave a very enlightening presentation on the background of what causes ARMD and why the modern thinking within Ophthalmology is that educating patients on the benefits of protecting their eyes from harmful UV light is the way forward. Mr Potts also gave a very clear explanation of the causes of ARMD and that in certain cases it has been demonstrated that supplementation may well have been the reason for some patients experiencing an improvement in their vision.

Dr Scott Mackie gave a presentation based upon his experience in practice of screening patients for many years and prescribing supplementation. He was able to show several case studies demonstrating how some patients have had improvements in vision but also where early signs of Drusen have disappeared.

Mr Andy Clark is well known for his presentations on practice building and once again presented an interesting talk which received a great deal of interest.

The tutors for the day combined the lectures along with workshops which gave a good mix of clinical and hands-on experience.

The next AMD Projects will take place in the autumn, dates to be confirmed on the Topcon and Spectrum Thea websites.