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Topcon announce launch of Clinical Records Module

Topcon are proud to announce that they will be launching the i-Clarity Clinical Record module at the forthcoming Optrafair in Olympia, London.

This module completes the development of the i-Clarity practice management system, which is now the most comprehensive system available in the UK today.

Developed in conjunction with leading UK optometrists, the clinical record module is designed to be fully configurable to each optometrists’ own routines. It has also been designed to record clinical episodes other than standard GOC exams, an important feature as these become more common throughout the UK.

As with all other modules of the i-Clarity suite, it can work wirelessly, which means that practices can reduce their need for unsightly, expensive cabling.

This also means that it can be run on laptops, even when away from the practice if necessary, e.g. in industrial screening contexts and on domiciliary visits. 

‘This announcement places Topcon firmly in the top rank of system suppliers” said Andrew Yorke, MD of Topcon GB Ltd. “We already have a significant and enthusiastic user base, who are benefiting from the great functionality of the rest of the suite. Now with this final piece of the jig-saw we expect that user base to grow even faster.”