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Diabetic Screening Approvals for Topcon’s 3D OCTs

3D OCT approved

Topcon's complete portfolio of high resolution Fundus cameras have all been approved for Diabetic Eye Screening. This puts all of their 3D OCTs with in-built Fundus cameras on a selective list of national screening devices for diabetic retinopathy.

The NDESP recommends that all programmes intending to purchase cameras for use in diabetic eye screening should select cameras from the framework agreement as this ensures they obtain the most suitable equipment and the correct maintenance contract. For full list of cameras visit the NDESP website.

Topcon’s 3D OCT-1 Maestro is the latest Fundus camera to be combined with a Spectral Domain OCT, enabling the clinician instantaneous confirmation of pathological structure. Other 3D OCTs include the 3D OCT-2000 (50K) and 3D OCT-2000FAplus (with auto fluorescence).

The OCT function that comes with the Fundus camera provides an extremely advanced health check for people of all ages. Very similar to ultrasound, but using light rather than sound waves to illustrate the different layers that make up the back of the eye, it also captures a true colour digital photograph of the surface of the eye to cross reference areas of concern.

In addition to the 3D OCTs, Topcon’s Retinal Camera range is also approved, which include the TRC-NW8, NW8F and NW8Fplus as well as the latest TRC-NW400 with the same automated capture system as the 3D OCT-1 Maestro.

“Now that our OCT imaging range and latest non mydriatic Fundus cameras are fully approved for photography and certified for 3rd Party software connectivity, Topcon GB are well prepared for the future of diabetic eye screening as the service embraces OCT technology. Our world first combination of true colour photography and OCT registration coupled with reliable/lightweight solutions will ensure Topcon customers will always be ahead of the curve in managing patients with diabetic retinopathy in both the community and NHS environments” commented Tim Cole, Clinical Product Specialist at Topcon GB Ltd and former NHS medical photographer.

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