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Topcon University Suite now open at Fight for Sight Clinic, City University

TU@City launch

On Wednesday 17th September over 50 people were the first to set foot into the first UK centre of excellence for Topcon GB Ltd. The Fight for Sight Clinic at City University have proudly opened a brand new Topcon University Suite (TU Suite) and the Topcon Refraction suite. Both suites are equipped with Topcon’s latest cutting edge technology that will transform the teaching clinics and offer innovative eye care for the general public in the heart of the city.  

Ribbon cutting

Following the ribbon-cutting ceremony Professor Stanton Newman, Dean of the School of Health Sciences at City University London said:

 “The launch of this new optometry suite heralds our commitment to the best possible care for the public, education for our students and environment for our academics. Our students, with the interdisciplinary education they will receive, will get access to the latest technology, enabling them to go  on and become future leaders in optometry.”


   Prof Newman was the first to have a scan on the fully automated 3D OCT-1 Maestro; while other key guests observed and were in total ore of the clarity of image and the amount of detail that can be obtained in just under one minute.

The Topcon Refraction suite incorporates a new mobility and wheel-chair friendly workstation together with the latest fully automated phoropter system which will allow undergraduate students to familiarise themselves with equipment their future employees are likely to use. In addition to the 3D OCT, the TU Suite also includes Optical Biometry and Topography system (ALADDIN) and the latest in digital slit lamp imaging (with DC4).

Paul Constable PhD BSc(Optom) Melb, Programme Manager Undergraduate Optometry at the School of Health Sciences also commented:

“The investment and collaboration will enable all City University London undergraduate and postgraduate students to experience the very latest imaging and diagnostics instruments. It will enhance their learning and understanding of ocular pathology from the cornea to the retina. The instruments will also aid our research into ocular development, and degeneration - A very welcome initiative between the School of Health and Topcon”

Andrew Yorke, Managing Director of Medical at Topcon GB Ltd, said:

“Equipped with the most technologically advanced instruments available on the market today, the Topcon University Suite will provide a fantastic platform for the students at City University London to launch their careers in optics.”