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New dimension of OCT Technology to be unveiled by Topcon at Optrafair 2015

THE REVEAL: Topcon will unveil the DRI OCT Triton on Saturday 18th April @13.00 on G80 G90 H80 H90 stand. 

Once again TOPCON brings the first of a new dimension of OCT machines to the market. The next stage in the evolution of OCT has arrived - The NEW Swept Source DRI OCT Triton series*1 with 1,050nm wavelength and the world’s fastest*2 scanning speed of 100,000 A-Scans/second, is the first and only posterior segment swept source instrument. The longer wavelength of light allows the DRI OCT Triton to reveal posterior segment structures previously invisible to conventional forms  of OCT, rapidly penetrating ocular tissues such as the choroid and even the sclera, without the light source being obscured by cataracts or other media opacities. The DRI OCT Triton can reveal the entire tomogram from vitreous through to sclera at the press of a single button with high sensitivity and speed, without sacrificing the view of one structure over another.


The DRI Triton is capable of capturing 256 B-scans in just three seconds. 256 3D cube scans reduce interpolation between slices and allow the most revealing imagery of individual layers available. With greater signal penetration through the RPE the Triton is capable of full choroidal thickness mapping and coronal imagery to a digital resolution of one micron. Powerful analysis tools are supported by a robust normative database.


Wide field scanning (12 x 9mm) allows fully automated mapping and illustration of both the macula and optic disc topography in one single scan allowing segmentation of the retina, ganglion cell complex and the RPE, potentially halving the number of scans the patient requires. The patient experience is further enhanced by the short capture time and the invisible 1,050nm light source, greatly reducing the impact of eye movements and improving scan success rates with less cooperative patients such as children.


In addition to anterior segment scanning*3, combining Swept Source OCT with a True Colour Fundus camera means that the DRI OCT Triton can display high resolution fundus images with clear retinal vessel and macular mapping to allow pin point registration of the deepest pathology, further improving examination efficiency and supporting confident diagnosis.The Triton Plus offers multimodal imagery in the form of Green Autofluorescence and digital red free in one unit*1.


*1 DRI OCT Triton Series

    DRI OCT Triton – Swept Source OCT + Colour, Digital Red free

    DRI OCT Triton Plus – Swept Source OCT + Colour, Digital Red free + Fluorescein Angiography + Auto Fluorescein

*2 Investigated by TOPCON as of Oct 2014

*3 Anterior scanning function is optional