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Complete corneal analysis with a difference

Topcon have released a brand new corneal analyser that looks set to disrupt the current crop of corneal assessment equipment.


The CA-800 combines real corneal radii topography; Keratoconus and Zernike analyses; fluorometry; infrared meibography as well as pupillometry all in one unit.


The curvature mapping is also available in 3D with the keratoconus probability index and height map of the corneal surface, giving the ophthalmic professional optimum visibility and increased confidence with diagnosis, management and treatment.


The CA-800 is a placido-based topographer with 24 rings that measure up to 6.144 data points, with axial and instantaneous curvature evaluation. Moreover, it is equipped with 4 infrared LEDs and 2 white LEDs for Dynamic and static pupillometry and 8 blue LEDs for fluorescein images and videos.


In addition to its core functions, the CA-800 can also be used for Meibomian Gland observation. Its on-board contact lens simulation software, makes this a must in any practice or clinic who are fitting Ortho-k and other specialist contact lenses.


This non-invasive multiple imaging technique analyser is also extremely easy to use, from image acquisition to analysis, the software is intuitive and user-friendly - making this not only a pleasure to handle for the practitioner, but quick and comfortable for the patient.