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Shining a new light on slit lamp imaging


Topcon’s latest slit lamp, the SL-D701 provides bright and clear LED illumination and it is ready for digital interface with the DC-4 photo attachment and the BG-5 LED background illumination system.

The shorter wavelength of light emitted from the LED provides far greater comfort for patients and superior clarity for imaging and observation. This also enables easier visualisation of structures such as the endothelium and cells within the anterior chamber.

The DC-4 Digital Photo Attachment has a specialised high resolution imaging chip which is capable of capturing full colour still imaging, video and infrared light for meibography.

The BG-5 background illumination system provides extra light via an additional super bright LED which enables imaging of slit beams combined with diffuse light, a very useful clinical feature. The BG-5 also contains the infrared LEDs for meibomian gland illumination.

The fluorescein version comes with an all new wavelength matched excitation and barrier filter system which can produce imaging up to eight times brighter than pervious digital imaging systems. Both versions of the SL-D701 come with a neutral density filter, which increases visualisation and imaging in gonioscopy, an amber filter for posterior visualisation and the red free filter, excellent for anterior blood cell motion recording.

With all of the features including a magnification of up to X40 the SL-D701 combined with the DC-4 is by far the most versatile slit lamp imaging system in the Topcon portfolio.