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i-Clarity now offers online appointment booking system and international version

Over the last 12 month i-Clarity has established itself as prime contender in the market for multi branch practice systems. It combines ‘best of breed’ point of sale and financial control systems, with full clinical records, dispensing and ordering systems, all in a single package that requires the least ‘bandwidth’ (internet speed) of any comparable multi-branch system on the market today.


New developments scheduled for introduction in 2016 include the launch of a true online appointment booking system, which will allow patients to book their appointments at any time of the day or night. On the clinical side we are refining the already sophisticated contact lens and contact lens trial records, are also introducing enhanced compliance checking features. This will enable practices to define what clinical record data they require to be completed for different examination types, rather than constrain clinicians to a ‘one size fits all’ clinical record.


An international version is being rolled out at the same time, with installations already scheduled to take place in the Republic of Ireland in the 1st quarter of 2016.


‘2015 was an exciting year for us, with many new users becoming i-Clarity enthusiasts and ambassadors’ commented i-Clarity Product Director Rob Ward; ‘and with new features being added to an already well established product, 2016 promises to be even more so.’


To read more about the online booking system and how it works click here.