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1st International Swept Source OCT & Angiography Conference- A success

1st International Swept Soure OCT and Angiography Conference

21 February 2017

A total of 415 delegates from 48 countries attended the 1st International  Swept Source OCT  & Angiography Conference on 10th and 11th of February in Madrid, Spain

The goal of the 1st International  Swept Source OCT  & Angiography Conference is to  learn about clinical advances & applications in Swept Source OCT Imaging. More than 50 speakers, including 2 keynote speakers contributed in a 2 full day program of lectures and debates.

The first day started with an introduction session of Swept Source  and OCT-A, moderated by Dr Richard Spaide and Dr Carl Glittenberg. The 2nd was a Novartis’ sponsored session. 
The 3rd session about Diabetic Retinopathy and Retinal Vascular Diseases was chaired by Prof Ogura. Prof Magdy Moussa chaired a roundtable  discussing  cases about CNV in Central Serous  Chorioretinopathy. Prof Ruiz Moreno and Dr Glittenberg moderated a session about the Choroidal Imaging and Tumors using En Face, Swept Source and  OCT-A. The last session was a rapid fire session moderated by Dr Arias Barquet and Dr Nicolo.  
The day ended with Tapas, Spanish music and flamingo. Delegates had the opportunity to fly through the eye in 3D virtual reality, hosted by Dr Peter Maloca. The mix of tapas, drinks and entertainment was a very good opportunity for the delegates to  network and speak with colleagues from all over the world.

The 1st session on Saturday  was about the use of En Face, Swept Source and OCT-A in Uveitis and was moderated by Prof Magdy Moussa and Prof Moncef Khairallah. The 2nd session, moderated by  Prof Ruiz Moreno and Prof Lee Shu Yen was about Swept Source in Myopia. Prof James Fujimoto and Dr Richard Spaide gave an excellent key note lecture about OCT-A and Doppler techniques using ultra high speed SS-OCT. This interesting key note lecture was followed by a session on AMD, moderated by  Richard Spaide and Prof Gemmy Cheung.  The subject of the 4th session was  a variety of pathologies in which Swept Source and OCT-A are useful.  Dr Michalewska and Mr Pearse Keane moderated this session.  A Rapid Fire session mainly about OCT-A in oncology followed.  Dr Glittenberg and Dr Anastassiou hosted this interesting subject. The 6th session was about swept Source and OCT-A in Optic Nerve and Glaucoma and was moderated by Prof Kremmer and Prof Larsen. The last session was Cortical Vitreous and Vitreoretinal Interface, moderated by Dr Choudry and Dr Arias Barquet.

The conference hosted a poster area as well in delegates could interact with the presenters.

In a survey, delegates overwhelmingly rated all 13 sessions as excellent or good quality. Delegates appreciated the variety of themes and the possibility to network during the social event.

We received the following quotes:

“The sessions had great scientific and clinical content with interesting discussions”- USA
“‘The program was fantastic and I was inspired”, Singapore
"…impressed by the scientific quality of the meeting, I thought the conference went very well”-USA
‘..the scientific program was beyond expectations and I learnt and got a lot of experience by listening to different topics’ - Egypt
-“Good mix of themes, good lectures and good organization”- Germany
-“Looking forward  to the next one”- Poland

2nd Swept Source OCT & Angiography Conference.
On a very short notice the 2nd Conference will be announced.