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The UK’s largest ophthalmic conference and exhibition will see some ground-breaking technologies from Topcon

Celebrating 85 years of business, Topcon will be showcasing their Swept Source DRI OCT Triton which is still the worlds only posterior segment swept source OCT. The Triton is a multimodal platform linking traditional and cutting edge imaging technology with one software platform.

The Triton swept source comes in two forms; the standard and the Plus. The standard is capable of colour fundus photography with Pinpoint registration, but also capable of OCTA. The Plus adds Green FAF and Traditional FA to these modalities, crucial in these early days of OCTA interpretation. Both versions come as standard with Smart Track and eye tracking, FGA (Fundus Guided Acquisition) for repeat scanning accurate to within 2 microns as well as an attachment for anterior swept source OCT.

IMAGEnet 6 is the new web-based software platform which links Triton scans to all types of historical Topcon OCT data and fundus imaging. IMAGEnet 6 provides enhanced analysis with features such as; EVV (enhanced vitreous visualisation), automated choroidal segmentation, Hood reporting and now not just a highly detailed RNFL/GCL trend, but a macular trend analysis (ideal for long standing anti veg-F treated patients) as well. The crucial component to IMAGEnet 6 is its speed, which allows the clinician to access the data faster than ever before.

Topcon will also showcase at the Congress for the first time in the UK, Eye-Light ® and if you are a Dry Eye Specialist or a Refractive Surgeon then this is a must-see instrument for you. In addition to your standard IPL treatment, Eye-Light has introduced a secondary treatment called Light Modulation / LLLT – Low Level Light Therapy, with a patented photobiomodulation technology which has a strong metabolic enhancer that increases cellular action which emphasizes cell activity. LLLT is delivered through a face mask which contains a LED matrix at a specific wavelength which triggers endogenous heat that directly stimulates the normalization of glands which supports the thermal impact of OPE ®/IPL technology.

Topcon’s unique pattern scanning laser, PASCAL Synthesis 577 will also be showcased. With its unmatched precision and control, 4 Fiber Beam delivery, precise pattern spacing and Endpoint Management – this laser is revolutionising the way you treat patient’s vision.

Topcon’s latest LED slit lamp (SL-D701) with its less invasive light source and shorter wavelength can visualise structures and pathology in far more clarity than the traditional halogen and as standard a 40x magnification. The fluro version has a wavelength matched exciter/barrier filter system for greater fluorescein staining visualisation and is also available with infra-red illumination for Meibomian Gland analysis. Add to this our latest imaging system, the DC4 and you can capture high quality still and video with ease. What you see in the optics is quite simply what you capture with the DC4.

As joint sponsors of the Retinal Imaging Symposium on Monday 22nd May, Topcon would like to invite you to see the capabilities of the Swept Source DRI OCT Triton first-hand.

The Symposium will be chaired by Professor Paulo Stanga, Professor of Ophthalmology & Retinal Regeneration, Manchester Royal Eye Hospital and Mr James Talks, Consultant Ophthalmologist, Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle upon Tyne.

The Symposium will open with a presentation from Professor Paulo Stanga, Professor of Ophthalmology & Retinal Regeneration, Manchester Royal Eye Hospital, who will discuss “New Developments in OCT and Wide-Field Imaging”, which will include Swept Source Cross- Sectional, En-Face, Angiographic and Wide-Field OCT and Ultra Wide Field Multi-wavelength Imaging. Mr James Talks will also discuss the Combined Benefits of Stereo FFA, Indocyanine-green Angiography (ICG), Fundus Auto-fluorescence and OCT in the morning section.

Professor Magdy Moussa, Professor Giovanni Staurenghi and Dr Giuseppe Querques are also presenting.

Visit Topcon at the ACC in Liverpool 22nd – 25th May.