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Topcon showcases new Meibomian Gland treatment at the 40th BCLA Clinical Conference

Whether you were rushing back into practice, university or catching a flight home, this year’s BCLA Clinical Conference had something that you will want to talk about to your colleagues or peers. From dry eye and myopia control to new treatment technologies for Meibomian glands and advancements in tear assessment – they were all covered during a busy weekend at the 40th BCLA Conference in Liverpool last month.

The proud Technology sponsor, Topcon, put on an impressive display of their OCT portfolio, which included their Swept Source DRI OCT Triton - offering enhanced possibilities for visualising deep anterior structures, corneal sections and contact lens interaction with the ocular surface.

Topcon showcased their latest technologies, which included Eye-Light® IPL and LLLT dry eye treatment platform, which combines OPE/IPL with Light Modulation. OPE/IPL has been around for many years now and is a recognised treatment but LLLT (Low Level Light Therapy) is very new in Ophthalmic treatments but has been used in oncology and dermatology for many years with great success. Eye-Light® treats the lower lids with standard OPE/IPL first, and the unique feature of the Eye-Light® OPE/IPL system is it does not need an application of gel to the patient to administer the treatment. The second part of the treatment is performed using the Eye Mask which delivers LLLT to the lower and upper eyelids simultaneously, and this treatment is also unique to Eye-Light®and adds significantly to the overall outcome of the treatment.

With myopia management for children and young adults being such a hot topic at this year’s conference, there was a lot of questions about the space-saving Aladdin, which combines topography and biometry in one device. Monitoring axial length has proved useful in predicting the onset of myopia as well as providing valuable information about the growth of the eye and effectiveness of interventions.

i-Clarity – Topcon’s practice management software received great interest at the show. Amongst its well-received clinical records module, delegates were attracted by the staff rota, which fully integrates with the appointment system, and also the full stock re-ordering system, which is particularly useful for perishable products such as contact lens solutions. eGOS implementation in Scotland was also a very popular topic.

From Topcon University, Dr Catharine Chisholm, Senior Manager, Global Education and Clinical Affairs for Topcon Eyecare Company, gave Topcon’s Technology Sponsor Presentation. Catharine’s talk focused on the new multi-element tear assessment function of the CA-800, which incorporates assessment of non-invasive tear break-up. It provides a map of the tear thinning and break-up, along with a movie, allowing the practitioner to review the areas that break up first. Visualisation of the inter-blink aberrations caused by the tear film, along with the Ocular Protection Index (OPI - relationship between interblink interval (IBI) and break-up time), were also discussed. The tear module aids diagnosis and allows a quantitative assessment of the effectiveness of new dry eye treatment. Catharine also briefly referred to the DEWSII which was previewed at ARVO in May this year and highlights the importance of non-invasive assessment of the tears to avoid destabilisation of the tears with fluorescein sodium. Catharine also covered the new Eye-Light® instrument, light therapy instrument, which has been shown to stimulate ATP production in cells and treat both the lower and upper Meibomian glands.