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Topcon Features Swept Source DRI OCT at RCO

Topcon's Swept Source DRI OCT with OCTA, Green FAF, Smart Track and FGA is proven to offer unsurpassed clarity and accuracy at the Royal College of Ophthalmologists

Topcon are pleased to sum up a truly thrilling week in Liverpool for the annual Royal College of Ophthalmologists Congress last month.  

With one of their stands, completely focused on OCT technology, anticipations were high for the latest in OCT Angiography (OCTA) interpretation.

Topcon’s Swept Source DRI OCT Triton Plus featured highly, both in the lecture content and on the exhibition floor, with its unique combination of OCTA, Green FAF and Traditional FA modalities. Furthermore, the Triton also comes with Smart Track and eye tracking, Fundus Guided Acquisition (FGA) for repeat scanning accurate to within 2 microns as well as an attachment for anterior swept source OCT.

Their second stand was dedicated to imaging technologies and the latest in retinal assessment and treatment. Congress attendees saw Topcon unveil a brand-new instrument for Dry Eye Specialists and Refractive Surgeons, called the Eye-Light ®. It is a Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT), with a patented photobiomodulation technology which has a strong metabolic enhancer that increases cellular action which emphasizes cell activity.

Topcon also brought their unique pattern scanning laser, PASCAL Synthesis 577, which was surprising everyone with its unmatched precision and control, 4 Fiber Beam delivery, precise pattern spacing and Endpoint Management.

The 10th Retinal Imaging Symposium, highlighted many of the Triton’s capabilities and shared cases proving the difference this unique combination of modalities is making in ophthalmic clinics worldwide. The symposium saw presentations from Professor Paulo Stanga, Mr James Talks, Professor Magdy Moussa as well as Professor Giovanni Staurenghi and Dr Giuseppe Querques.

Presentations included enlightenment in the areas of widefield imaging, OCT angiography, stereo fluorescein evaluation with excellent guidance in confocal imaging techniques. “Once again only at the imaging symposium could we learn of the cutting-edge techniques currently being used, the theories for what is on the horizon and their applications for treatment” commented Tim Cole UK and European Clinical Imaging Applications and Training Manager, Topcon GB Ltd.

Topcon’s latest LED slit lamp along with an electronic test chart were available in the EMS Healthcare mobile ophthalmology unit, which was parked right outside the ACC and gave delegates a real sense of what an ophthalmological unit on the move looks like.


Also at the conference were EMS Healthcare who specialise in mobile healthcare trailers that provide vital, tailor-made facilities to the healthcare sector.  

Mobile ophthalmology units are often chosen by clinicians to provide a cost effective response to a capacity challenge, or when they feel that care is most effectively provided closer to the patient’s home.



Richard Gorny, Area Sales Manager for Topcon GB Ltd shaking hands with Keith Austin,
Chief Executive of EMS Mobile Healthcare

Bryony Stather, Marketing & Events Manager for Topcon
GB Ltd with Richard Gorny, Area Sales Manager