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Professor Donald Hood to headline at the National OCT Conference

The third National OCT Conference, hosted by Topcon University is turning out to be the biggest one yet. Taking place at the Hilton London Paddington on 19th and 20th November, the conference is to be opened by Professor Donald Hood.

Professor Donald C. Hood is the James F. Bender Professor of Psychology and a Professor of Visual Science in the Department of Ophthalmology at Columbia University, New York.

While some of his over 300 publications deal with issues of the basic neuroscience of vision, most of his work over the last 30 years has concerned research into diseases of the retina and optic nerve. 

The 3D Wide Glaucoma Report with Visual Field test points, or the “Hood Report” as it has become known, was developed by Professor Hood in conjunction with Topcon’s Advanced Biomedical Imaging Laboratory.  The Hood Report will help improve clinical efficiency and reduce the time needed to diagnose glaucomatous damage.

Professor Hood will hold the conference opening address, presenting on the development and findings of the Hood Report. His analytics, based on Swept Source OCT imaging of the ganglion cell and nerve fibre layers, have been shown to be as accurate as a Glaucoma consultant when it comes to diagnosing glaucoma.  

The National OCT Conference is the only annual event to completely focus on Optical Coherence Tomography, offering a huge number of CET points through a mixture of lectures, skills workshops, discussion workshops and peer discussions to suit a multitude of user levels.

For the last two years, Topcon has secured some of the world’s most highly rated ophthalmology speakers such as Professor Paulo Stanga, Professor Magdy Moussa, Mr Pearse Keane and Professor Heinrich Heimann and this year’s speaker lineup will not disappoint, with even more internationally-renowned names being added to the speaker list.

The early bird discount will be available during the month of August, but will only be offered to those that pre-register their interest on the conference website. So watch this space and register your interest on our Events page to be the first to hear of the priority bookings opening date.