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Topcon/OIA Imaging Competition Winners Announced

Topcon (Great Britain) Medical Limited are delighted to announce the winners of the Topcon/OIA Imaging Competition 2018. 

The overall winner was Mark Hope from Edinburgh who achieved 1st place within the Anterior Segment and Ophthalmic Related categories. Mark receives £200 from Topcon towards attending the OIA Conference in the UK this November.

1st Place Category Winners:

  • Anterior Segment and Ophthalmic Related – Mark Hope from Edinburgh
  • FA/ICG Angiography and Artistic - Angelos Rantis from Moorfields
  • Posterior Segment and OCT - Thomas Carr from Norfolk and Norwich

2nd Place Category Winners:

  • Anterior Segment, OCT and Ophthalmic Related - Angelos Rantis from Moorfields
  • Posterior Segment - James MacDonald from Liverpool
  • FA/ICG Angiography and Artistic - Helen Crompton from Edinburgh

To see all category winning images please visit the OIA website

The winner of the Case Presentation category was Angelos Rantis from Moorfields and for the Video category was James MacDonald from Liverpool.

Richard Ball, OIA Honorary Fellow and Topcon’s Area Sales Manager for the North commented “Ophthalmic Imaging is an art in itself and a huge amount of skill is required in capturing the images well. The Topcon and OIA Imaging Competition showcases the talent within a niche industry, and what can be achieved with the technology of today.”

The OIA is a membership organisation which promotes good practice, education, training and research within the disciplines of ocular imaging and related ophthalmic sciences. Members of the association undertake photographs, scans and other imaging for the diagnosis, treatment and care management of patients within ophthalmology. This is extremely important within such a highly specialized technical and clinical field that has historically had little formal training and qualifications.

Mr Ball also added that “The competition sees entries from a range of technologies and techniques for image capture, such as fluorescein, anterior, posterior and OCTA etc. Most importantly, we like to support our user base across the NHS and Private sector and offer them a competition that gives them award and recognition to be proud of.”

As a long standing corporate member of the OIA, Topcon have proudly sponsored the annual Imaging Competition since the start. “The competition entries don’t necessarily have to be of images of any unusual conditions, it is purely about a very well taken scan or photograph” concluded Richard.

For more information and to register for this year’s conference please visit