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Product Cleaning and Sterilisation Guides

COVID-19 poses a severe threat to public health and it is essential to minimise any potential risk of infection. This advice has been written using the current limited knowledge of the transmission of the disease. We will continue to update our guidance as more information on the transmission if the disease becomes available.

Sterilisation method for Topcon instruments

In addition to the thorough cleaning of the parts that come in to contact with the patient, i.e the forehead rest and chin rest, the exterior cover and control panel should also be cleaned. However, to prevent and minimize the spread of COVID-19, authorities now recommend sterilizing medical devices.  Further to the instructions in each products’  manual, which recommends the use of a dry cloth to wipe off stains, a wet cloth soaked in warm water, mixed with neutral detergent can also be used for stubborn stains.

Relevant parts to be cleaned

Thoroughly clean the Forehead rest(Material: Silicone rubber), the Body cover and Chin rest(Material: ABS),

Chin rest pin (Material: Polyamide resin) and the Touch panel (Material: Glass).

Recommended sterilisation solution

Please use the following recommended solutions to sterilise relevant parts as needed.

•  Sterilisation ethanol (or industrial 77% ethanol equivalent to sterilisation ethanol)

•  Hypochlorous acid water (Brand name: Zia clear)


1.  The objective lens on Topcon products such as OCT series and TRC-NW400 should be cleaned with the recommended lens cleaning liquid mentioned in the products user manual and not ethanol and hypochlorous acid water.

2.   Do not use UV-irradiation types of sterilisation as these can degrade the outside covers of the instrument (material:ABS)

In addition, when cleaning your products please:-

・Turn off the power supply and disconnect the power cable

・Make sure the room is well ventilated  

Please see the bottom of this page to download a pdf of this information

Henson Products (7000, 8000, 9000)


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The outside of the instrument

The outside of Henson perimeters can be given a “one-off deep clean” using a suitable disinfectant such as isopropanol alcohol or an alcohol wipe.

Response button, chin and forehead rest, eye occluder, trial lens holder

These should be cleaned and disinfected prior to any examination. Surfaces can be disinfected using a suitable alcohol wipe. Please note that head rest and chin rest inlays (Henson 9000) and eyepieces (Henson 7000) can be replaced. Disposable eye occluders can be used to lower the risk of transmission of infections.

Cleaning the inner surface of the Henson 8000 & 9000 bowl

Previous instructions in the Henson 8000/9000 manual stated that dust and small deposits on the target screen (in bowl) can be “blown clear” with a clean supply of air from an aerosol can air duster or alternatively using a soft lens brush. We do not recommend this practice, in the current climate. We recommend the removal of dust and small particles by gently wiping with a damp lint free cloth. If disinfection is required, the inside of the bowl can be sprayed with IPA, carefully following the instructions below:-

1. Ensure that the bowl is free from dust. If not, gently wipe with a dry lint free cloth. Do not rub the fragile surface as this may cause damage. It is recommended that a mask and gloves are worn.

2. Remove any dirt (if necessary) by gentle wiping with a damp lint free cloth. Do not rub.

3. Spray the inside of the bowl with a fine mist of 70% IPA in a sweeping motion. Care should be taken to avoid any excess. Any drips can be blotted dry with a clean lint free cloth.

4. Let the bowl dry by evaporation (approximately 15 minutes). Do not wipe dry

Additional cleaning instructions for the Henson 7000

The lens can be cleaned with any suitable lens cleaning cloth or sterilising wipe. Abrasive cleaners must not be used.

The eyepiece could transfer contamination or infection from one person to another and can be removed for cleaning and disinfection. To remove the eyepiece, gently squeeze inwards and pull the eyepiece away from the unit.

The eyepiece, and any adjacent areas that could come into contact with the patient, should be kept clean using a damp cloth followed by a suitable sterile wipe. Advice for the patient response button is as for the Henson 9000.

The housing/case should be regularly wiped with a damp cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaners. This should be done when the unit is disconnected from the power supply. Do not allow liquid to enter the unit. The outside of the unit can be given a “one-off deep clean” using a suitable disinfectant such as isopropanol alcohol or an alcohol wipe.