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Current status and response at Topcon headquarters and Topcon Group following Major Earthquake in Japan

Update 14 March, 2011


Topcon Group would like to express our condolences and sympathy to the victims and sufferers from the major earthquake and tsunami in Northern part of Japan on March 11.

The following is summary overview of our current status.

1. Measures to cope with the situation
We have already established the disaster control headquarters, led by president, Mr. Yokokura as a general manager. We are currently accessing the effect from the earthquake and tsunami, and will form plans to normalize our business as early as possible.

2. Status of Our Group Companies
 2-1. Personnel
There are no casualties among our employees because of the earthquake. We are currently gathering further information about the safety of employees’ family.

 2-2. Buildings and Equipments
Our group companies, including Topcon Headquarters, Topcon Yamagata Co., Ltd.(Yamagata, Yamagata Prefecture), Optonexus Co., Ltd. (Tamura,  Fukushima   Prefecture), and Fukushima Sokkia Co., Ltd (Nishishirakawa, Fukushima Prefecture) have temporary suspended the operation due to the slight movement and impact inflicted by the earthquake. However, they are restarting their operation gradually.  

3. Addition to the effect from the earthquake and tsunami, there will be planned power outages starting today due to power shortage. Currently, we are accessing the effect of this disaster to our performance. We would make announcement once we judged that impact of the effect would expand.

Topcon Corporate Communication Department