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Topcon launches their first practice management system

i-Clarity is the first practice management system built by equipment specialists with equipment-compatibility in mind

UK – 31 March, 2011 Topcon, the leading UK supplier of ophthalmic equipment, today announced the upcoming launch of its first practice management system designed to revolutionise the optometry industry. i-Clarity is a data management solution which enhances the workflow of opticians’ practices by facilitating up-to-the-minute patient and business information to be added. The system will enable opticians’ practices to improve productivity and efficiency, whilst ensuring security of data.    

i-Clarity is a comprehensive system that is intuitive and simple to learn. The data is securely stored on one of the most secure and robust database systems available today, and has been designed so that in future the data from multiple branches can be remotely hosted.

The decision to launch i-Clarity is a logical step for Topcon since the company has already developed a number of software programmes and computer-linked ophthalmic instrumentation. This means that the company is fully geared up to provide the software, hardware and network support that is so important for successful implementations. As such, i-Clarity has an advantage over the competition as its design will enable it to integrate with the practices equipment. 

The idea was first conceived by Rob Ward, business consultant and joint-owner of an independent practice in Cardiff. He developed the software after growing increasingly frustrated with the range of practice management systems available. Rob consulted former colleague and now Product Manager at Topcon, Nigel Bedford, to see if Topcon would be interested in the distribution, sales and first line support.  

Rob commented: ‘When I was reviewing other systems for possible use in our own practice, I was frustrated because existing products were rarely geared towards independent practices, and never seemed to be designed with the  end-users in mind. When it became apparent that this gap was not being addressed, I considered designing my own system. I first approached Topcon to see whether they would be interested, they were more than enthusiastic so I decided to take the plunge and started development last year.’

Several crucial factors were considered in the development of i-Clarity. First, and most importantly, the system was designed so that it could be used by the wide range of staff typically employed in an optical practice, from opticians to optical assistants and receptionists. Secondly, i-Clarity was built using industry standard 

development tools to minimise maintenance costs and maximise the lifespan of the system. Finally, the system was built on a sound relational database structure, a feature often lacking in competitive systems. In other words, data is stored in the most efficient way possible, eliminating the possibility of inconsistent and unreliable data.  Furthermore, it offers flexibility to practices in that any information held in the system can be analysed by practice management or owners in ways that best suit their business methods.

Nigel added: “Topcon is now a one-stop shop for optometrists’ technology requirements and already has the resources and support network in place to support the customer in their transition to a fully-fledged automated practice. We believe i-Clarity gives our customers the right tools to communicate effectively with their patients and to provide the best service possible.”

i-Clarity will be officially unveiled at Optrafair in Birmingham, 9-11 April 2011.