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  • AndyYorke

    Topcon MD calls for open standards in Clinical Records

    Andrew Yorke, Managing Director of Topcon Medical GB Ltd, has called on other suppliers of clinical record software to make their data available in an industry standard format.

  • 30-05-2014

    First ever Laser course at RCO receives tremendous success

    The Royal College of Ophthalmologists Annual Congress hosted a satellite laser course on Wednesday 21st May where ophthalmologists attended on a one to one tuition basis, keen to learn about the safe use of lasers when treating their patients.

  • NW400approved

    Diabetic Screening Approval for Topcon’s latest Retinal Camera

    Topcon today announced that their latest Retinal Camera, launched a few months ago at Optrafair London, the TRC-NW400, has just been approved by the NHS Diabetic Eye Screening Programme (NDESP).

  • iclarityFeatures

    Cloud version of i-Clarity launched

    Topcon (GB) Ltd today announced the availability of a ‘Cloud’ version of their increasingly popular i-Clarity Practice Management System (PMS). What this means is that the data for the system is stored at a remote location on a secure server, and the data is accessed over an internet broadband connection.

  • 3D OCT approved

    Diabetic Screening Approvals for Topcon’s 3D OCTs

    Topcon's complete portfolio of high resolution Fundus cameras have all been approved for Diabetic Eye Screening. This puts all of their 3D OCTs with in-built Fundus cameras on a selective list of national screening devices for diabetic retinopathy.

  • Optrafair13

    Optrafair London a huge success for Topcon

    In the weeks leading up to the first Optrafair meeting ever to be held in London, anticipation within the Topcon team grew. With last year’s huge success still being prevalent, concerns lingered that this year’s event may not meet such high expectations. Thankfully, such concerns were unfounded. After a steady start on Friday and a slightly less promising show of attendance on Saturday, Sunday triumphed in true Optrafair tradition.

  • TopconTimes5

    The first Optrafair London edition of Topcon Times is now available

    The latest Topcon Times newspaper is out. Once more, it is packed with some interesting articles, latest news from Topcon and some great deals on new as well as used equipment. All offers are while stocks last, so be sure to act now to avoid any disappointment.

  • 28-03-2014

    Topcon announce launch of Clinical Records Module

    Topcon are proud to announce that they will be launching the i-Clarity Clinical Record module at the forthcoming Optrafair in Olympia, London. This module completes the development of the i-Clarity practice management system, which is now the most comprehensive system available in the UK today.

  • 24-03-2014

    Topcon Europe Medical winner Red Dot Award 2014

    Topcon Europe Medical a winner in the Red Dot Award 2014: Wall mounted instrument column IC-1 is awarded for high design quality.

  • NW400

    New Non-Mydriatic Retinal Camera from Topcon

    Once again Topcon’s unrivalled innovations will take to the stand with their latest Non-Mydriatic Retinal Camera, the TRC-NW400, which is to be launched at the very first Optrafair in London. The TRC-NW400 is extremely intuitive and easy to use, it is smaller than any other non-myd out there today with superb image quality. In addition to the traditional nasal, central and temporal fixation targets the TRC-NW400 can obtain a complete peripheral view with the nine fixation targets.

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