Nicholas James Rumney - TU Associate

Nicholas James Rumney MScOptomFCOptom FAAO FBCLA

Nick works in full-time private practice in Hereford. Until 2004 he was one of the founders of Optometric Educators Ltd. He is an examiner at PQE and Fellowship level for the College of Optometrists. In 2001 he was elected to the General Optical Council. He was re-elected in December 2006 and his appointment to the new Council was confirmed in 2009.

He has published over 40 papers in optometric journals, including: Journal of the Optical Society of America, Ophthalmic & Physiological Optics, Optometry & Vision Science, Optometry Today, Optician, British Journal of Visual Impairment, British Journal of Optometry and Dispensing and even the odd letter in the BMJ and Eye. He presents lectures and workshops to optometrists and ophthalmologists on low vision assessment, low vision management, investigative techniques, ocular therapeutics, red eye management as well as other unrelated practice management issues such as succession planning, computerised banking and political issues such as therapeutics. He has presented at the Royal College of Ophthalmologists 1996, 1999 and 2003 meetings. In 2001 he was one of two invited international lecturers at the SECO meeting in Atlanta, USA