Topcon's Service Promise

Continuous Product Development

Continuous product development is a priority task at Topcon. To promote quality awareness and instil this culture throughout our organisation, we declared our Code of Conduct in 2015. We work hard to provide high-quality products which customers around the world can have faith in and take pride in, leading to ultimate satisfaction by fulfilling their immediate and potential needs.


Code of Conduct

(1)    The Topcon Group is committed to ‘Customer Orientation’ and ‘Quality First’, and to providing products to Our customers that are safe, of the highest quality, and that maximize customer satisfaction. The Topcon Group seeks leadership in all of the markets We serve. Leadership requires superior products, a constant focus on quality, and maintaining the highest reputation for competence, quality and integrity.

(2)    All the processes of development, design, manufacture, design, manufacture, procurement, sales and after-sales service are of great importance in providing high quality products. All our employees, regardless of the department strive to upgrade the quality of OUR products, and to establish, maintain and improve the quality management system.

(3)    Topcon will comply with all laws, regulations, official notifications, guidelines, standard of Our products, contracts and internal rules that relate to Our business. We will knowledgeable about and comply with the medical device laws or related Laws in each country and/or region in connection with the manufacture and sale of medical devices.

(4)    If We become aware of any incident related to the safety and quality of Pour products and services, the Topcon Group will immediately investigate it, share information, and take appropriate action. In this case, the Topcon Group will also investigate the root cause and make efforts to prevent a recurrence. 

(5)    The Topcon Group is committed to responding to various customer needs with products and services that maximize ‘Customer Satisfaction’.

(6)    The Topcon Group will market and sell its products and services in a fair, truthful and ethical manner.

(7)    The Topcon Group will properly protect Personal Information in business activities. We will collect, manage and use Personal Information in a proper and fair way, and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. In this Code, the term ‘Personal Information’ means information in relation to customers; officers and employees of customers; suppliers and business partners; applicants; Employees and other individuals that are handled by Employees in business activities and that can be used to identify a specific individual.

The Topcon Group will strive to develop and provide environmentally compatible technologies and products. We will actively minimize the use of regulated chemical substances, reduce and recycle waste, and save energy.