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Topcon is proud to provide on-going one-to-one training and advice, of the highest professional standards.

The Clinical Affairs Team is committed to providing the best education and assistance to you, our customer. Only through teaching can we ensure all Topcon customers unlock the true potential of their investments and crucially, provide better patient care. As technology moves so quickly it is imperative that our team deliver only the highest level of training. These clinical support professionals are drawn from ophthalmic and optometric backgrounds and have unparalleled credentials and experience. 


Our Clinical Affairs Specialists 


Laura Pigula 

With 10 years experience within the optical industry starting as a spectacle dispenser and then becoming an Ophthalmic Photographer in 2012, Laura has been able to experience ophthalmic imaging in so many different settings and using such a vast range of ophthalmic imaging equipment such as OCT, FFA/ICG, Fundus Photography, and Slit Lamp imaging for different patient pathology.  

Laura’s greatest achievement was working at Oxford Eye Hospital where she was part of the imaging research team and was relied upon by Prof MacLaren and C.K Patel to capture high-quality images for their study patients in trials for conditions such as ROP, Choroideremia and Retinitis Pigmentosa.  

Laura is currently on maternity leave


 Nicola Bennett 

Before joining Topcon in February 2017, Nicola worked in a Optometric practice for 7 years, using a wide range of ophthalmic imaging and measurement techniques utilising Topcon Instruments including OCT, fundus photography, OCT Angiography, Perimetry, and other data collection technology. Nicola has a wealth of experience in OCT diagnosis and image capture with difficult patients and children. 

Nicola gained a Level 4 certificate in OCT capture and is working towards the Foundation degree in OCT interpretation from The Gloucestershire Retinal Education Certificate of Higher Education.  



Danielle Lee

Daniel graduated with a degree in Medical Biochemistry from the University of Birmingham and before joining Topcon spent 7 years working in a number of roles across the Bristol Eye Hospital, primarily between the Imaging and Research departments.  Experienced in all aspects of ophthalmic imaging – including OCT, colour, infrared and autofluorescence photography, fluorescein and ICG angiography, OCT Angiography, Corneal topography, specular microscopy, handheld ERG & microperimetry as well as assisting in aseptic intravitreal procedures, checking visual acuity and intraocular pressure.  She also worked as Clinical Trial Coordinator for the last few years which involved the set-up, running, and maintenance of a variety of different Ophthalmic trails of different phases, as well as certifying as an Imager for a variety of studies, allowing her to capture/process images required for study outcome assessments, and put in to place training plans and protocols. 



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