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Intra-ocular lens patients comments

What do patients say?

Short description

What do patients say?
Lens implant surgery can correct both short and long-sightedness, making it ideal for anyone with bifocal or vari-focal specs. Intraocular lenses replace the eye’s natural lens, enhancing its optical power. Read more>

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Lens implant surgery can correct both short and long-sightedness, making it ideal for anyone with bifocal or vari-focal specs. Intraocular lens surgery involves replacing the eye’s natural lens with an artificial one, enhancing its optical power.  The surgery lasts around 20 minutes, during which the patient receives local anaesthetic eye drops.

Here is what several patients have said post surgery:


Sarah Harper - 56 year old with MS (Condition: severe short sightedness)

Sarah has worn contact lenses since she was 17 years old. Diagnosed with MS 30 years ago at the age of 25, Sarah as of late, has began to lose the ability to put her contact lenses in. Sarah describes the operation as a miracle that has ensured she can continue living without round the clock care. Describing the first week post operation Sarah has said: “I could see the bird feeder in the garden – about 12 metres from the window – in focus for the very first time. I could see texts on my phone for the first time in 10 years and I can read my watch – it’s been years since I have been able to use it properly. I still haven’t lost the wonder of the fact I can wake up and see. I don’t think I will ever stop being thankful that, for the first time in 30 years, as I have gradually lost the use of my body, a part of me has actually been fixed.”


Bernie Heath – 46 year old, medical secretary

“The difference this operation has made to my life is indescribable. It has boosted my confidence so much to be free from glasses for good. I would recommend the lenses to anybody who could benefit from them. I’ve literally been given a new set of eyes!”


Adele Eckardt - dentist (Condition: cataracts)

"I could see in such detail – colours that were much more vibrant, and richer. That evening, when I took my glasses off, I realised I could already see wonderfully well without them and was spectacles free for the first time since I was 15! I have so much more enjoyment in my life. I love walking with my Irish red setter, Archie. I see all the colours and contours of the landscape, it’s just much more beautiful, with richer colours and crisper, more focused shapes than I saw before I had the LENTIS Comfort lens fitted. It is as if my vision before was a picture by an impressionist painter - now it’s photography. My night vision is also so much better. I am more confident driving at night and have an increased confidence of independence and I would recommend the LENTIS Comfort lens to other patients.”


 Lynsey Philpott - 28 year old, part-mum, part-firefighter (Condition: bilateral cataracts)

Lynsey was extremely surprised after the first lens was implanted by the clarity of her vision and how colours were so much crisper. She said, “It sounds really soppy but looking at Maddy (my five year-old daughter) is really special since I’ve had the new lenses. For the first time I really get to appreciate the beautiful colour of her eyes.” 


Andrew Keen - 49 year old, businessman (Condition: severe presbyopia)

Andrew’s quality of personal and professional life has improved enormously since having the LENTIS Mplus implanted. "Suddenly, my bi-weekly cross-country business flights are headache-free, my night driving vision is perfect and I have even been able to teach my son to swim, as hindering goggles and steamy contact lenses are no longer a requirement".


Jane O’Callaghan - 57 year old, Marketing Manager (Condition: presbyopia)

“I cannot believe the difference that these new lenses make to my sight. The results are literally astounding and I am now seeing the world through a clear lens rather than a dim fog, which is amazing. My work will be so much easier and more enjoyable and everyday things like going to the gym, shopping in the supermarket and walking outdoors will all be more enjoyable. I used to have to wear my reading glasses to look at prices and ingredients whilst out shopping and when out walking, my glasses were constantly getting steamed up and rained on. “I only discovered this new treatment when I initially enquired about laser eye surgery, which I was unsuitable for. Everyone needs to know that this treatment exists because I wholeheartedly believe more people would choose to have these lenses fitted rather than battle on with several pairs of specs.”


Chris Robinson - 40 year old, businessman (Condition: presbyopia & astigmatism)

“It’s difficult for me to explain how fantastic my life is now. There is just no comparison between how I feel and how it used to be. I can read the small print on forms now that used to be just black lines. The colours I can see now are incredible; purples and reds and blues are now vibrant and not the greys they all once were.”


Susan Neale - 65 year old, retired (Condition: cataracts)

The result is incredible, and so immediate that it is hard to describe how you feel. White seems whiter, all colours are brighter than they ever were, and there is a crispness to edges of objects. I don’t even have to wear reading glasses anymore. I can even pluck my eyebrows and thread a needle again! In fact I would say that the LENTIS Mplus has given me better vision than I’ve had for nearly 50 years. I would thoroughly recommend it.”


Linda Bicket (Condition: cataracts)

“My eyesight got to a point where I needed glasses to find my glasses.  Almost immediately after the operation I glanced at an aspirin bottle and read the side of it without meaning to. I couldn’t believe it. I was so excited and my excitement grew as the days went by. For the first time in years I could see what was in my kitchen cupboard without wearing glasses; I could watch television, thread a needle, read my diary, recognise people I knew in the street – I could even see grit on the pavement as I walked along. From the beginning, it was like regaining something I had not fully realised I had lost. LENTIS Mplus has literally changed my life.”


Norman Walker – 65 year old, pianist and retired music teacher (Condition: presbyopia)

"I cannot believe the difference that the LENTIS Mplus lens makes to my sight. The results are astounding. Not only will my pianist work be so much easier and more enjoyable but my new sight will also enable me to read bedtime stories to my young granddaughter which will be a delight.

Colin Croft – 75 year old, retired (Condition: presbyopia)

“My wife and I enjoy going to watch the rugby at Headingley and this is something we can do together without sitting there with our specs on.  It makes you feel a whole lot younger and really does give you a new lease of life. It’s amazing how it’s the little things that make the most difference. The first thing I noticed was how white the milk looked, as I was having breakfast only the morning after my treatment! The intensity of colour is amazing as you don’t realise just how colours have faded from your own eyesight until you get it back”.


Patricia Croft - 76 year old, retired (Condition: presbyopia)

“I was increasingly finding day to day activities becoming more difficult simply because of my reliance on specs. My golfing skills were also being compromised as I needed one pair of glasses to hit the ball and another to see how far it had gone!  Rain was another constant concern as I couldn’t see a thing if there was a shower. Golf aside, even supermarket shopping was a chore as I also needed my specs to see prices and ingredients.  All that is over now and I can get on with enjoying life, playing golf, watching tv or even reading, without another thought. I really would encourage others to have the treatment.”