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SP-1P, Specular microscope

Short description

SP-1P, Specular microscope
The Topcon specular microscope, SP-1P introduces a modern ergonomic design and innovative features. Read more>

Key Features

  • Wide angle “panorama” photography mode:
  • - Substantial size increase of the analyzed area
  • Two specific photography modes - sequence course & free style course
  • Quick automatic measurement & analysis:
  • - Instant acquisition of the analysis result
  • - Intuitive operation
  • Easy-to-read screen & comprehensive analysis software:
  • - Frequently referred values are shown on top
  • - A pleomorphic / polymegethic histogram can be shown with color
  • Compact design
  • 10.4” rotatable touch panel monitor


Corneal endothelium photography
Photography magnification 254x (on the control panel)
Photography range 0.25x0.55mm
Resolving power More than 125 line/mm
Fixation target Central and peripheral
Corneal thickness measurement*
Measurement range 0.400-0.750mm
Display unit: 0.001mm step display
Other specifications
Dimensions 286-468mm (W) x 445-592mm (D) x 486-681mm (H)
Weight 17 Kgs
Power supply
Source voltage 100-240V AC, 50-60 Hz
Power input 70-120VA
*Corneal thickness is measured only when taking a photograph using the central fixation target


The Topcon specular microscope, SP-1P introduces a modern ergonomic design and innovative features that simplifies its use and increases its efficiency.

A large 10.4 inch rotatable touch panel monitor eliminates the need for a control lever, and can be turned to various angles, for better interaction with the patient. By simply tapping on the center of the patient’ s pupil displayed on the monitor, this specular microscope automatically centers, focuses and acquires the endothelial cell image. The SP-1P, specular microscope, workflow takes just a few seconds, requiring minimum training. The space saving features combined with its ease of use makes the SP-1P, specular microscope, the instrument for a new generation in eye care.