Henson 7000 FAQs

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Henson 7000 Perimeter Frequently Asked Questions

What test patterns does the 7000 software have?
The Supra threshold tests have a central field 28 point test extendable to 68 point (extend can be done at any time during the test)

Can the 7000 be operated from any laptop / PC ?
Yes, as long as the laptop has a windows operating system on it (See Question 5 in the section on the previous page for compatible operating systems) and has a spare USB port then it can interface with the Henson 7000.

Is the software easy to install ?
Yes, the software is supplied on an USB memory stick and is a single file installer. Simply click on it and it will install all parts of the software.
The Henson 7000 and 9000 are supplied with a quick start guide that takes you through the whole process.

Is the Henson 7000 purely a screening unit ?
Yes, the 7000 is ideal as a workhorse screener for practice or domiciliary use. The software interface is designed to quickly and easily screen patients.

How does the Henson7000 differ from the Henson 9000 ?
The 7000 operates at a lower background intensity which is more suitable for screening purposes.

Can I use any Laptop ?
Yes, the Henson 7000 and 9000 are operated from an external PC and you can use any WindowsTM laptop (or PC) that has one of the supported Operating systems on it. The laptop would need to have a Free USB port to connect the Henson7000 and two free for the Henson 9000.

Can I use any printer with the Henson Software ?
Yes, the Henson software prints the test result to the default printer installed on the Laptop/Computer, via the default pdf viewer that is installed (adobe reader in the case of Henson 8000’s), so as long as the printer is windows compatible it will work.