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CC-100XP, LCD chart

Short description

CC-100XP, LCD chart
The CC-100XP is versatile LED LCD system for chart display, including a unique 100% polarisation. Read more>

Key Features

  • High quality 22” LED LCD
  • 100% polarization
  • Wide range of optotypes
  • Virtually unlimited test charts
  • Spatial Frequency Contrast Sensitivity Test
  • White Maddox LED light source
  • MKH test sequence according to Haase
  • WiFi & usb connection

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The Topcon CC-100XP is a LED LCD chart system which incorporates all important visual acuity tests, binocular tests, colour vision test and contrast sensitivity tests.

A unique feature is the availability of Spatial Frequency Contrast Sensitivity Test which provides quantitative and qualitative information about the patients contrast visual acuity. Image separation for binocular testing is created through a specific polarisation technique which is unique for LED LCD test charts. This unique polarisation technique provides 100% image separation, without any "ghost image"!

The CC-100XP has a 22" wide screen with high resolution, high contrast and a high brightness. The CC-100XP can be operated by Topcon CV-5000 automated phoropter, by a remote controller or by pc driven virtual remote control.