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The first non-rotationally symmetric MIOL, resulting in high-contrast sensitivity, minimal halos and glare. Other features include: excellent near, intermediate and far vision. Read more>

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LENTIS Mplus X: The neXt generation of the world’s unique multifocal Mplus IOL technology

The unique optical design of the rotationally asymmetric LENTIS Mplus has revolutionised the multifocal IOL market worldwide. Well over 200,000 Mplus implantations in four years and a significant number of clinical studies prove the superiority of this patented technology to conventional diffractive multifocal lenses. 

The unique and unmistakable defocus curve of the Mplus X visualises the following: Instead of being limited to the maximisation of so called "peaks" in the near, intermediate and far vision, the Mplus X maximises the total area under the defocus curve, which corresponds to the entire viewing zone. 

Advantages of the new Mplus X-technology compared to LENTIS Mplus

  • Extended depth of focus for all ranges of vision
  • Maximised light efficiency of > 95%
  • Increased pupil independence, now also for very small pupils
  • Minimal halo and glare


Proven benefits of the Mplus-technology compared to rotationally symmetric MIOLs

  • Excellent visual acuity results for the near, intermediate and distance ranges
  • High pupil independence
  • +3.0D addition
  • Proven HydroSmart-Acrylat
  • Optimised image quality
  • Minimal loss of light
  • Aberration neutrality for better depth of focus
  • Genuine 360° sharp optic edge
  • Short adaptation phase
  • Natural contrast and colour perception

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